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Vouchers up for grabs in Gala’s Lingo Games

Aug 28th, 2013 | By | Category: Promotions

Gala Bingo, United Kingdom: Gala Bingo has lots of prizes up for grabs this week between Monday 26th August and Sunday 1st September which adds entertainment value plus goodies to the month-end.

This promo takes bingo lingo beyond the chat room fun and brings it into the main game with even bigger prizes. Bingo Lingo can be found in the Gala Live Room on each evening between 5pm and midnight is played in 90-ball games.

These games pay out their own cash prizes plus a little extra for the lingo fun on every full house win in the Bingo Lingo bingo games during these 6 hours. The additional prize to be won besides the game’s jackpot is associated to the number which you call house on.

Chat lingo is mostly universal and if you’re a regular in the chat rooms at Gala Bingo then you will be familiar with these. The game however will also display a Bingo Lingo Number board with the prizes on all numbers.

So if you call full house on ball number 1, which is associated with “Kelly’s Eye” in bingo lingo, you’ll win an eye make-up selection or beauty vouchers worth £25. The number 11 stands for “Legs 11” which brings you a beauty treatment.

Winning the house on number 4, “Knock at the Door” will give you a Pizza Hut voucher worth £20. You can even try and guess what the prizes will be with all the ball call numbers which will be just as much of fun. Or, simply send an email to to get the entire list.

You can even pre-buy your tickets into these games at Gala Bingo if you cannot join the live bingo room. But to become eligible for a prize you will need to have deposited and played at least 10 worth of bingo in the past 7 days.

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